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Fixed Assets for Adagio

Computer AssetsSRSoft’s easy to use Fixed Assets for Adagio is a complete asset management system. It’s ideal for any organization with critical record-keeping needs such as maintenance and inspection records. It’s also great for organizations who wish to maintain a complete inventory of their Tangible Capital Assets, together with all associated documents for each item.

Flexible Asset Handling

  • Provides a single asset register for all individual assets within your organization
  • Classification of assets by:
    • Categories
    • Locations
    • CCA Classes
    • Report Groups
    • Master – Sub Asset Relationships
  • Automatic asset numbering, or numbers can be assigned manually if desired
  • Account postings are defined by asset category.

Easy to Use

  • General users do not need accounting expertise
  • Multi-user capability
  • Real-time posting of journal entries as assets are added, adjusted or disposed of
  • Easy to make corrections
  • Changes to asset cost and acquisition dates are allowed
  • Simple period-end posting process calculates depreciation
  • Automatic download of entries to Adagio Ledger eliminates manual entry
  • Audit trail of all GL entries
  • Asset searches by Description, PO Number, Vendor, Part Number or Serial Number.

Depreciation and Disposition Options

  • Vehicle AssetsAutomatic calculation of depreciation for all assets in each accounting period
  • Many depreciation options based on asset category
  • Financial depreciation and tax depreciation accounting run independently and concurrently
  • Financial depreciation and tax depreciation can use different methods.
  • Fiscal periods can be either calendar months or irregular periods
  • Depreciation calculation options allow for irregular fiscal periods
  • Entry of asset sales proceeds, to enable profit/loss on disposal to be calculated and automatically posted to GL upon sale or disposal of any asset
  • Partial asset disposals and reversals of disposals
  • Individual assets can be assigned to any CCA Class.

Multiple Reporting Options

  • Forklift AssetReports include:
    • Asset List
    • Asset Serial Number List
    • Depreciation Reports
    • GL Account Posting Totals
    • Assets Added within Date Range
    • Asset Details, etc.
  • Many reports can be selected for all assets or filtered by category and/or location and/or CCA Class
  • Print previews available
  • Reports can be output to web browser or Excel.

More Power Features

  • Notes, electronic documents, and photos can be added to each asset record and stored within the system’s database in user-configurable folders.
  • Powerful extended record keeping options are available with an interface to SRSoft SmartRecords.
  • Data conversion service available to quickly and accurately import and convert your existing fixed asset data from spreadsheets or other data formats into Fixed Assets for Adagio.

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For more information about Fixed Assets for Adagio, contact your Adagio Consultant Reseller, or contact us for more information and a referral.

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